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The Dee Jays: "Not that Girl" 5. The Demons: "You" — Rel. The Gents: "Honor Bright" 8. The Madmen: "Alfred E. Goes Surfing" — Rel.

9TAILS - Incompatible

The Slamcreepers: "Nobody" — Rel. The Bootjacks: "Route 66" — Rel. The Namelosers: "Suzie Q" — Rel. The Bootjacks: "Stoned" Download here. Labels: Swedish 60s. This is a collection of 16 singles where the Kiwis compensated for their isolation with crude mania, and this has some ferocious pounders. This compilation shows the real hunger of 60s youth to play music and express their feelings, which was the same almost all across the word. Track List 1. Sandy Edmonds - "Come See Me" 5. Crescendos - "Now She's Mine" 6.

Tom Thumb - "I Need You" 9.

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Bluestars - "Social End Product" Challenge - "The Crunch" Principals - "I Can't Stop" Pleazers - "Hurtin' All Over" Tomorrow's Love - "7 and 7 Is" Download here. Labels: New Zealand 60s. Sunday, 28 February Once and for all girl - The Other 4 Dear friends hi, Today I will post a very nice video outtake:Once and for all girl - The Other 4 I would rather say that this is more close to psychedelic pop that 60s garage.

Anyway, I think that the tune is really nice with soft harmonies and vocals, nice organ and interesting guitar on the bacground. And, in between, they put out three 45s as the Other Four. They would continuously adapt themselves to the times without necessarily being innovators in their field, achieving local popularity in their various permutations without realizing chart success. Their second - this selection - has all the right moves for commercial harmonies, mystical reserves of teenage energy, the briefly de rigueur string. View this charming Video here. Posted by Spyros Pantazis at 6 comments:.

Labels: Videos. Rocknroll garagerock Themusicmachine musicmachine s band rockband legends heroes geniuses seanbonniwell classic vintage turnon inspiration TheSoundStation. Probably not. Raw garage rock at its finest. The Music Machine circa TheMusicMachine music garage garagerock guitars losangeles rocknroll seanbonniwell garagemusic classic vintage nuggets nostalgia nostalgic inspiration TheSoundStation.

Just Like The Eagle! Owls eagles eagle owl birds bird painting picture art seanbonniwell themusicmachine TheEagleneverhuntsthefly guitars music garagerock music s nostalgic nostalgia rocknroll rocknrollian Rocknrollians inspiration TheSoundStation.

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Rocknroll for Breakfast Again!! This album dropped in and I exhaled a lovely cloud of savory indica smoke six seconds ago with a gulp of cinnamon coffee The lyrical content is pretty heavy also. Bonniwell could have been a Shrink.

Astrologically Incompatible (Original Mix) - The Music Machine from Rarities Volume 2

They do a classic cover of "Cherry Cherry" Leaves me with no choice but to puff from my bowl of Indica happiness and sip my warm cinnamon coffee in Rocknroll bliss Pour some wine and be grateful to be alive in Life as many died this morning as many are mourning. Be brave and explore Rocknrollians Rocknrollian Rocknroll music rocknrollforbreakfast music today seanbonniwell genius legends heros themusicmachine s inspiration TheSoundStation.

Now spinning The Music Machine - the best of great sixties band. Instavinyl vinyl Record lp spinning sixties garagepunk themusicmachine seanbonniwell recorrdcollection recordfair recordcollector recordcollecting lwd Talk Talk 2.

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Trouble 3. Cherry Cherry 4. Taxman 5. Some Other Drum 6. Masculine Intuition Side 2 1. The People In Me 2. See See Rider 3. Wrong 4. Some of the other tracks bear similarities to the initial hit but a couple of spins soon dispel this feeling as you begin to get into the lyrics. And those lyrics are but heavy. Deep, thoughtful, probing, exposing, gouging at your inners. David Bowie I've yet to meet, though we are in fact suburban near neighbours, yet this album seems to serve as an intimate discussion between old friends.

This is more than a record.

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It is an experience. An expression of life as others see it. The lyrics are full of the grandeur of yesterday, the immediacy of today and the futility of tomorrow. This is well worth your attention.

This is David Bowie! He then gave a sizzling concert in London's Purcell Room which was mostly ignored by the national press, presumably because they thought pop and Purcell were incompatible. On stage, he is quite devastatingly beautiful. With his loofah hair and blue eyes, he pads around like every schoolgirl's wonder movie-star. He smiles; you melt. He winks; you disintegrate. He fumbles away on his twelve-string acoustic guitar with ferocious gusto. He apologises that his repertoire is mostly his own songs, which he admits sound all very much the same. It's all relaxed, chatty, informal and you forgive him his husky voice, his strained top notes and his careless intonation.

You slump back, allowing this contemporary minstrel to dazzle you with niceness. Then, suddenly, he tears into you with a violent, passionate, angry, stamping song about fear and despair - 'Our weapons were the tongues of crying rage', he shouts. Using the imagery of war and sudden death, he offers simple homilies of charity and kindliness.

Bowie is 22 and was born in Brixton, London, but grew up in Bromley, Kent.

Talk, Talk! Ace Revs Up “The Bonniwell Music Machine” - The Second Disc

He now lives in Beckenham and is trying, without success, to rouse enough interest to start a local Arts Lab, modelled on Jim Haynes's now defunct Drury Lane organisation. He's also moving into acting, after a miniature appearance in The Virgin Soldiers. His love reveries are dreary, self-pitying and monotonous. But when he turns his eye to the absurdities of technological society, he is razor-sharp in his observations although the sound production on his records does its best to obscure this , especially in the exquisitely scored version of his hit single, Space Oddity.

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At a time when we cling pathetically to every moonman's dribbling joke, when we admire unquestioningly the so-called achievement of our helmeted heroes without wondering whey they are there at all, Bowie sings of a man called Major Tom who sets off from Cape Kennedy and just never bothers to come back. To the bewilderment of Ground Control, he just waves a sad goodbye to his wife and then shuts off the communication circuits.

It's in Beckenham and I think it's the best in the country. There isn't one pseud involved. All the people are real - like labourers or bank clerks. It started out as a folk club, arts labs generally have such a bad reputation as pseud places. I think the arts lab movement is extremely important and should take over from the youth club concept as a social service. They are more than helpful. We've got a few greasers who come and a few skinheads who are just as enthusiastic. It's got bigger and bigger and now we have our own light show and sculptures, et cetera.