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The counsel that you give is often a solution no one expects, yet it always turns out to be right on point. Other signs will miss the meaning of delicate non-verbal subtleties, such as a glance or a slightly raised tone of voice—but not you, for your sensitivities are quite acute.

Aries should plan their 2016 well ahead

Your emotional intelligence is very high, too. You marry for life, look to build a strong family, and become an actively engaged parent. You are feminine and giving, and all you ask for is faithfulness, devotion, and a partner who takes his role of spouse and parent seriously and joyfully. The past seven years seem to have brought more than your share of career ups and downs with changing conditions in your industry and company.

You may have changed jobs after a long loyalty to one particular company, shifted to a completely new industry, or opened your own business between and …. You may have changed jobs after a long loyalty to one particular company, shifted to a completely new industry, or opened your own business between and You may have even sought a job that gave you a large measure of autonomy and freedom without being overly supervised.

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You will see the career instability end. Once in Taurus, an earth sign that blends beautifully with your water-sign sun in Cancer, Uranus will brighten your friendship and people and events sector, bringing many new people into your life, with some becoming good friends because you will find them so stimulating.

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In other words, if October was nightmarish, that was the reason. Mercury was preparing to retrograde last month, on October 31, and that did not help. You started to feel hints of a slowdown weeks earlier—as early as October 8—and you will continue to feel Mercury retrograde until November This time, Mercury is retrograding in Scorpio—directly opposite Uranus, the planet of all things unexpected—and that will make this retrograde a bit harder to navigate. This particular trend of Mercury could try your patience. Uranus rules electronics and the moving parts in machines, and Uranus will oppose Mercury retrograde.

This suggests, as one example, that you could have epic computer problems or car trouble this month, especially in the first days of November.

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You may want to back up all your data and system preferences now just in case you do have problems. You may have already faced such matters last month. Mercury retrograde will show you when the gears in your machines are wearing out or when the software is not behaving properly. You could find you are toting items to the repair shop much more frequently and also returning purchases that are not the right model or size.

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Your schedule will open up when delays and postponements arise, and that will lead to a slightly less hectic time in November, for on those days that suddenly have nothing scheduled, you can follow your own agenda. Printed on archival quality paper.

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