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If you're a stranger to Brezsny's website, your first glance might yield mixed emotions.

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This is not a site that promotes the typical astrological fanfare. It's not about locating your sun sign and receiving a snippet of a horoscope that will provide you with, perhaps, some over-reaching advice for the upcoming month.

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That said, there are weekly horoscopes listed for each of the twelve zodiac signs. Moreover, Brezsny's cyber haunt will give readers an opportunity to step inside his vision which seems to be one of positivity and proactive efforts to help restore mankind, and the world, to a more harmonious state. In short, Rob Brezsny represents another generation of spiritual gurus who uphold the idea that human beings exercise free will over their lives, but with that free will comes great societal and ecological responsibility. Many people have become frustrated with the inflexible tenets of certain faiths and practices that seem to mitigate human responsibility over the world's changing conditions.

I recommend that you try this strategy to dissolve any mental blocks you may be suffering from: dive into and explore what makes you feel ashamed, puzzled or embarrassed. I bet it will lead to triumph and fulfillment, as happened for me. LEO July Aug. Some people in your sphere may not be overjoyed, though.

Sagittarius Big-Picture Forecast for 2018

But freaks like me appreciate creative egotists like you when you treat your personality as a work of art. Keep up the good work!

Continue to have too much fun! They were soulful mirages: full of misplaced idealism and sweet ignorance and innocent misunderstandings. Generous in ways you may not yet realize, they exuded an agitated beauty that aroused both courage and resourcefulness.

Now, as those illusions dissolve, they will begin to serve you anew, turning into fertile compost for your next big production. New rules are still incubating. Right now, the details about how people express their needs to give and receive love seem to be riddles for which there are no correct answers.

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So what do you do? How do you proceed with the necessary blend of confidence and receptivity? Can you figure out flexible strategies for being true both to your need for independence and your need for interdependence?

Wednesday, June 26, 12222

Wherever you may currently fall on the scale, the coming months will be a time when you can accomplish an upgrade. Read authors who specialize in the erotic arts. Talk to your partners with increased boldness and clarity. While meditating, search for clues in the depths. His work is regarded as a pinnacle of intellectual brilliance. And yet here's a fun fact: The Bard quoted well over a thousand passages from the Bible. Can you imagine a modern author being taken seriously by the literati if he or she frequently invoked such a fundamental religious text? I bring this to your attention so as to encourage you to be Shakespeare-like in the coming weeks.

That is, be willing to draw equally from both intellectual and spiritual sources, be a deep thinker who communes with sacred truths, synergize the functions of your discerning mind and your devotional heart.

The Goal of Free Will Astrology

He doesn't do that himself, but rather is quite eager to harvest the perks of dwelling in uncertainty. I presume this aptitude has played a role in his huge success; his books have appeared on best-seller lists and his podcasts have been downloaded more than million times. In telling you this, I'm not encouraging you to embrace the fertile power of uncertainty 24 hours a day and days of every year.

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  • But I am urging you to do just that for the next three weeks. There will be big payoffs if you do, including rich teachings on the art of happiness.

    Rob Brezsny’s Astrology August - Good Times Santa Cruz

    LEO July 23—Aug. The camaraderie and fairness and mutual respect that prevailed on pirate ships were markedly different from the oppressive conditions faced by sailors who worked for the navies of sovereign nations. The latter were often pressed into service against their will and had to struggle to collect meager salaries. Tyrannical captains controlled all phases of their lives. I bring this to your attention, Leo, with the hope that it will inspire you to seek out alternative approaches to rigid and hierarchical systems.

    Gravitate toward generous organizations that offer you ample freedom and rich alliances. The time is right to ally yourself with emancipatory influences.